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Our Custom Shop has been repairing and modifying Mandolins for over 27 years. Below is a general price guide. If a repair is not listed, either call or use the contact form to get a definite answer.


Complete Setup Includes Re-String, Fret, Intonation and Action Adjust, Fingerboard Treatment, Tuners Adjusted. $ 35.00

Electronic pick ups Installed
Bridge Replaced
Bridge Reset
New Tuners Installed

We can custom make your bridge and nut for that impeccible feel and sound.



Weber Mandolins




Brentrup Mandolins




List of Services

1. Straighten Fingerboard/Correct Relief
2. Action Adjustment
3. Intonation Adjustment - Acoustic/Electric Set String Length
4 .Buff & Polish Finish

Bridge Work
Shave down bridge to allow correct string tension/angle and correct action that is too high.
Re-Set Bridge Cracks Sealed

Stressed Necks Straighten and humidity treatment.
Plane Fingerboard - Square Up Fingerboard
Complete Fret Job Level/Mill/Set Radius

Run Tailpiece Ground On Solid Body
Transducer Installation Saddle Type - Microphone (Mini flex) - Sound hole w/ End pin Jack

Structural Repairs

Replace Tuning Machines, Fill Old Holes
Broken Peg Head reglued Cracks/Separations

Bridge Correction

1. Measure height to set bridge for intonation and new bridge placement.
2. Shape and sand bridge to string height and move to intonation spot.
3. Remove or install shim on electronic undersaddle pick up / bridges.
String up with the gauge for final set up


Custom Built Mandolins
by the best makers for you !







Mandolin Appraisal Service

Get current market value for resale and insurance purposes. Send a color jpeg or picture, copy of receipt description of the instrument and any other information needed for the appraisal. Include a $ 35.00 money order for each instrument. Made out to; Chicago Music Productions. We keep our records when you need a third party verification and send a certificate of the appraisal to you.

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