The Bazouki or Bouzouki is an eight stringed musical instrument, the body traditionally made from a gourd with a wooden top piece and a long neck on it, similar to a lute. The Bazouki originated in Turkey, but was developed in Greece before being adopted by Irish Folk musicians which is when the body was started to be produced with flat wooden backs. Originally the Bazouki had six strings, but was adapted by Greek players to utilize eight strings tuned C, F, A, D which is one tone above the top four strings of a guitar. This tuning makes for ideal accompaniment to other instruments, especially Guitars and Mandolas.


Our Custom Shop has been repairing and modifying Bazouki's for over 27 years.
Below is a general price guide. If a repair is not listed, call 773-583-2529 or email at

General Price Guide for Bazouki Repairs

Our set up includes adjustment of tuning pegs.
Fingerboard Treatment
Re-String, Fret Buff, Intonation and Action Adjustment, $35.00

Electronic pick ups Installed / Bridge Replaced Starting at $45.00




Kyle Music

Shubb Capos





List of Services

1. Truss Adjust Straighten Fingerboard/Correct Relief
2. Action Adjustment Intonation
3. Intonation Adjustment - Acoustic/Electric Set String Length
4 Buff & Polish Finish

Bazouki Bridge Work
Bridge work to allow correct string tension/angle and correct action that was too highor to low.
Re-Set Bridge
Cracks Sealed.

Broken or Cracked Headstocks

Stressed Necks Straighten with Humidity Yreatment.
Plane Fingerboard for Complete Fret Job.

Run Tailpiece Ground
Transducer Installation Saddle Type - Microphone (Mini flex) - End pin Jack

Structural Repairs
Fill Old Holes on worn tuners
and Replace Tuning Machines,
Broken Peg Head
Cracks/Separations Healed



Bazouki Appraisal Service

Get current market value for resale and insurance purposes. Send a color jpeg or picture,copy of receipt description of the instrument and any other information needed for the appraisal. Include a $ 35.00 check or money order for each instrument Made Out to; Chicago Music Productions. We send a certificate of the appraisal to you. We also keep a copy for our records when you need a third party verification.

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